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My professional, culinary career began at the tender age of 15, while I was still in high school. A passion for cooking and creating feasts for my family led to hosting private events catered for relatives and eventually their friends and business associates.

I would spend the next 20 years studying, training and working, only to find myself pleasantly drifting back to the root of my culinary beginnings.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the N.Y. Institute of Technology. I then set my sights on New York’s Culinary Institute of America, considered the best training ground in the United States for aspiring chefs. My work with the CIA proved to be a springboard into some of New York’s most prestigious gourmet venues. Among the world-renowned restaurants I’ve had the honor of working are New York’s historic Rainbow Room and the Pierre Hotel. At this Four Season’s signature hotel, I quickly found my niche in high profile events and banquets. It was an opportunity to cook for famous celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters and Mohammed Ali. From movie premiers and Broadway openings to political functions like the Clinton/Gore campaign, the pace and palate was ambitiously demanding. I even had the distinction of cooking for royalty with the King of Sweden as our guest.

To bring international depth to my acumen, I decided to move to Italy, where I studied in Tuscany. My culinary curiosity also led me to Spain, France and Germany where I continued to observe the European cuisine and technique.

I returned to the United States with a dream to go into business for myself. I’ve incorporated many elements of my culinary experience into my business philosophy, but ironically, I’ve found that my life’s experience is bringing me full-circle…back to the specialty catering and personal service that inspired this career so many years ago.

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