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Everyone loved the steak and sauce and so did I. The chicken was very good also. They ALL loved the desserts (I would like to order those again and again.).
Nancy J. is a steak connoisseur. She said the steak was good even without the sauce. I gotta tell ya, I don’t eat steak, but it looked so good I just had to try it.
(Nancy was right, I went back for seconds.) And that sauce??? I wanted to put it on EVERYTHING.
The key lime tart….oh, man, that tart…well, it was danged good! Was there vanilla bean in the crust? The tart/sweet combination was wonderful.
Thank you for yet another excellent lunch, Victoria.

Stacey R.
My private party of hamburger/hot dogs lovers were not expecting the spectacular, colorful presentation they received: huge pans of baked chicken (moist and seasoned to perfection), grilled asparagus coupled with steamy tomatoes, savory potatoes, sautéed mushrooms with onions that complemented any or all of the other dishes. They were highly skeptical when it came to the fig, onion and goat cheese torte; some refused it- until one adventurous soul tasted it. A smash hit! They went back for seconds! Oh, and that decadent chocolate and raspberry torte! Two years later they’re still talking about that feast. Kudos, Victoria!

BTW, Kudos to Devour Catering! We have enjoyed everything they have catered.
Devour Catering provides unmatched savory delights and exceptional service. Their sandwich selections, entrees, and platters – notably the cheese flight – display quality items.

Monique W.
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you once again. Everything was great on Saturday and my daughter was so very happy. Thanks for dealing with all my many, many e-mails, questions and request. As always you are the best.

Jamie W.
Our group left on Friday and I wanted to take a moment to say….”Thank you” Thank you for all your hard work, for putting up with all the changes and for such great food as always. You made me look good. Thanks so much!!!

Monique White
I have been a customer of Devour Catering for several years and have used them for many events.
The food is always great and tasty. The customer service is the best. They are always on time and if I have an issues, the owner/chef, Victoria Schapo always has a solution that I am happy with. Thank you Devour Catering for making my job easier and tasty

Nancy Jackson
Devour catering…Omnipotent! It’s in the name devour! Quality superb,
quantity sufficient, professionalism the best!

Veronica McBride
“The Global Strategy Dept, on many occasions, would request lunches or receptions designed to cater to Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Mexican state officials and Devour has come through on every occasion with meals and hors d’oeuvres created for each country with flying colors. Devour even arranged an English High Tea which the Indian delegation was very impressed with. So to Devour GREAT WORK!”

Cynthia Wiggins
“Devour Catering has been one of the best finds that I have come across in the catering business. Their service is professional and courteous and the food is appealing, delightful and delicious. I have used other catering services for our meetings but have received great ravings about Devour Catering. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.”

Cheri Pitt
“Devour Catering has the most delicious and fantastic food that I’ve ever tasted. No request is too big or too small. The service is top-notch. I would highly recommend Devour for your next event.”

Ellen Wilner
“Victoria has delighted us many times with her culinary services- always performed with the highest degree of professionalism. We recommend her without any reservation whatsoever.”

Linda V. Leonard
I use Devour Catering repeatedly to cater breakfast, lunch, and working lunch meetings because they take pride in making all of our events extraordinary with minimal effort on my part. Devour Catering is exceptionally creative and has an eye for presentation of the food. The cuisine is appealing, both visually and to the palate, and always receives great reviews and commentary from staff members and guests.


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